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Justify Your Trip

Need to convince your boss? Here's a template you can use to help you write a letter that explains why the trip is a worthwhile investement for your organization.

Here are a few of the ways that your company will benefit from attending:

  • Learn from the ExpertsThe agenda will include an IoT all-star speaker line-up of solution providers and leading device manufacturers from a variety of industries, such as medical, industrial, telecommunications, banking, and more. They will be joined by industry thought leaders, key technology partners, and Axeda leadership. With one-on-one conversations, I will exchange ideas with industry peers who are leading their organizations’ IoT initiatives.
  • Get Technology Updates – The latest emerging technologies that are enabling the next wave of connected products will be on display. From hands-on demonstrations to helpful training to product road map sessions, this event will help me understand the latest technology updates of the Axeda® Platform and device management applications, and the partner technologies and services for end-to-end IoT solutions.
  • Bring Home Best Practices – Case studies will feature tangible business results from connected product initiatives. Learning from other companies in our industry can help us avoid pitfalls and apply lessons learned so that we can get to market fast and maximize the value from our investment in Axeda technology.
  • Engage with Axeda Partners – Meeting with leading IoT solution providers will show me how we can extend our solution through Axeda's growing ecosystem of edge device, communication, and system integration partners.  
  • Chat with Axeda Management - I’ll have the opportunity to meet with the most senior members of the Axeda team and provide direct feedback in helping to shape future releases. This is a great venue to learn, but also to provide feedback on improvements that will help us become more successful. 
  • Get FREE Training - As part of my attendance, I also have access to free Axeda product training – sessions that would normally cost $3,000! I was planning to schedule Axeda product training, so this event will pay for itself.